The Art of Staying Lost

by nick sirianno

The Art of Staying Lost.

It happens in your 20’s but you don’t know its happening. It is in this era of simplicity, soft edges, and thrill that the lost of life is in its forming. It is the time when the heart grows to love learning, independence, and grace—the trilogy of a healthy soul. And it is in this nest, where at the time feels so earthly encompassing, that the vastness of land and the verdant world that stretches out from your very soul seems as attainable as anything.

I spoke with one of my fellow classmates this summer, Silas Streeter, a brilliant honors placed mathematics and environmental studies double major, Outdoor Program guide, and Outing Club President. I was calling him to simply catch up. I actually had the great fortune of living with Silas and over 100 more Laurentians in Jackson, WY during the winter of 2014. He asked how I was doing. I told him I’d just starting working for a marketing company in Troy, NY. Silas of course responded with genuine regards. I then asked him the same question. Knowing well what I was getting into and expecting the glorious response of mountain biking, hiking, camping, fishing, and climbing, he responded— “Maegie is working a lot, Carl is doing four ten-hour days, I’m at the bike shop, but for the most part we’re all still staying lost.” He chuckled. There was a small silence on my end. That phrase echoed in my head. “Staying Lost.” It was in that moment I knew what he meant. I knew that Silas, and everyone else out there were following a dream a dream that begins in the soul not in the imagination.

The imagination can dream anything. Flying is certainly on everyone’s list. There is teleporting, status and fame, wild worlds of color and light, peace and tranquility, mythical creatures, magic underwater people, foreign planetary civilizations, etc. The list goes on, endlessly, imaginatively. Then there is this imagination of the soul; it takes a bit more thinking to develop but it is the innermost drive to follow ones heart, to never stop learning, to live in thrill and love and excitement. To always search for newness in things and to maintain friendships that encourages a deeper even fuller exploration of the souls imagination. It is the type of imagination that doesn’t have a cap, it feels natural, becomes an inner compass, it is the type of imagination you listen to, not make up, it is an orb of joviality and youth, it circles around your world like thimble in orbit—you know its there but you never find it, you just follow it because it is. This is staying lost.

Staying lost focuses more on the excitement of looking rather than the problem of the loss. It makes being lost a drive, and feeling of freedom for discovery. It encourages looking, discovering, looking some more, finding, and looking again. What are you looking for, you don’t know but there is nothing telling you to stop. There is never a dull moment. It enhances every other aspect of your life. Your career always gets better because one successful and positive building block stacks on another successful and positive building block. Your relationships naturally get better because of your unparalleled ability to keep excitement at the forefront of your thinking. Things stay new and fresh. The art of staying lost is in the looking. How do you do it? You focus on what matters. You focus on you.