Alsace, France

Among many reasons for the division of France into regions, one of the most unique reasons is where different cheeses are made.  Alsace is home to one of the most pungent cheeses in the cheese family, Munster! Folklore says that the Munster aromas travel across the border into Germany and Switzerland, and if you’ve ever tasted the soft, cows milk, pâté then you might just fall victim to the fable because of the strong taste.   A traditional dish of Munster, le cumin, and pomme de terre, or potatoes with Munster and cumin is most commonly paired with a Gewürztraminer, a local white wine known for its dry taste and sweet finish.

If tradition, history, good food, and outdoor recreation are the essences of your vacation then look no further than Alsace.  Located on the western bank of the upper Rhine River adjacent to Switzerland and Germany, Alsace has been a political and territorial Mecca since 1500 BC.  Every leader from Cesar to Napoleon tried to acquire Alsace because of its strategic geographical location.   Through out the region medieval gates, castle ruins, century old churches, and 1,000 year old pastures still exist.  Due to the influences of Switzerland, Germany, and France, Alsace developed its own language, culture, music, architecture, and dress.  Architecturally, this is most understandably seen in the churches and cathedrals. Unlike traditional French stonework, Alsace’s use of timber and brick is immaculate and unlike any other region in France.

As for adventure tourism, Alsace is home to some of the most scenic biking, hiking, and walking tours in the world.  Having the Vosges Mountains to its west, and the great Rhine River to its east, Alsace has awesome outdoor recreation all year round.  Hike along the foothills, mountain bike the steep terrain, take a horse tour through vineyards, raft the rivers, fish the tributaries, ski, snowshoe, or take a thrilling hot air balloon or glider ride, Alsace is filled with adventure!  Hosting everything from family adventures to expert expeditions, Alsace has an activity for everyone.

After a long day of activities head to a cozy charming timber-framed bed and breakfast, or a five star castle turned hotel.  With over 500 accommodation options you’re certainly going to find the perfect place for you, your honeymoon, or your family. Finish your night with a traditional prepared French dish and local wine, or head to a traditional bar for live music and dancing. Know for its genuine feel, friendly locals, and incredible location Alsace is one of the best vacation spots in the world!